Image 01Hunza Dry Fruits is registered company with Government of Pakistan.
Our Products are Analysed by PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) before we supply to our customers.We are expert in processing dry cherries, apples and apricots.
Our company has been exporting dry fruits to different countries all over the world especially to Japan.


Image 02The majestic Karakorum Mountains remain heavily snow-clade throughout winter but in summer they become major source of water to the orchards which are laden with quality fruits.
The secret of longevity of Hunza people laid in their diet specially apricots Hunza people made apricot part of their daily life and the apricots are dried naturally under the sun in a pollution free atmosphere of Hunza valley.

Hunza Dry Friuts: Promoting Organic Farming in Hunza Valley

Fresh fruits are grown purely by organic methods on terraced fields at the backdrop of mighty Karakorum Mountains. Dry fruits are processed by well trained workers from the Hunza Valley...