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フンザの人々が長寿を保つ秘密は、日々の食生活に取り入れたアプリコットにあ ります。
汚染のないフンザ渓谷の太陽の下で自然乾燥させたアプリコットは、感染症に対 する抵抗力を高め、皮膚疾患に有効なビタミンCが多く含まれていま す。

The secret of longevity of Hunza people rests in their diet specially apricots Hunza people made apricot part of their daily diet and the apricots are dried naturally under the sun in a pollution free atmosphere of Hunza valley.
Apricots help to develop resistance agents against infectious diseases. Apricots are enriched with vitamin c and remedy for skin disorders.